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The Community eBoard system is a self running electronic billboard system (eBoards) which presents messages and advertisements via an Internet connection from Hostgator Discount Code.

These presentations can be images or full motion video & audio and can feature anything from daily specials to instructional how to videos.  Unlimited capacity allows you to upload as many presentations as you like and pre-schedule their display within the rotation.
You have full control over the displayed presentations which can also include community services messages for your favorite charity, school, church or community organization.  Additionally, as a revenue opportunity you have the ability to sell these advertising slots to your favorite business partners and associates.
Community eBoards are not only useful to businesses.  They are excellent opportunities for community organizations such as churches, school groups, government agencies or charities.  They can even be used for fundraising activities.

Community eBoards can also be grouped together and exchange their presentations with one another.  This feature makes Community eBoards an excellent opportunity as a home based business.